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Submitted on
June 21, 2010


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Mon Jun 21, 2010, 3:14 PM
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: the birds taking a break in my backyard
  • Reading: Intous 4 manual
  • Watching: Norway giving Nadeem Dar a break :)
  • Playing: Waiting for TDU2 (and its coming!)
  • Eating: home grown vegetables!
  • Drinking: A cheer to the Dar family
New computer &
new tools. :D

Like the Wacom intous 4 drawing tablet.
No excuse not to produce more art that is. :)

Some of my music (mostly old stuff)@ this

:rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

(for those of you that are not familiar with DeviantArt:))
Exept for the "featured friends" further down on this journal, all of the pieces on this page are made by me.

If you want to see ALL of my pieces, visit my gallery --->…

A while back, I was interviewed by Giorgio Vaselli on my art..
read it here if you want --->…

To see the artwork I favoure the most by other artists here on DeviantArt, visit the favorites gallery --->…

Omen Bridge - The Battle by 4FaTher
Burning heart -step dark by 4FaTherDeeP SeA BirdiE by 4FaTherBenjaworld - DreamCircle by 4FaTher
k n o w motion - l i g h tpath by 4FaTherk n o w motion by 4FaTher_mETa_ by 4FaTher
cLIFFLIFE by 4FaTherExpland by 4FaTherMankind in a box by 4FaTherAlienWall_SoulShadow_II by 4FaTher
Alien1 by 4FaTherFire of color - World by 4FaTherOmenised World - Old roof by 4FaTher
Fire space earth spirit by 4FaTherTiger by 4FaTherShee by 4FaTherG1 by 4FaTher
Omenised by 4FaTherOmenised3 by 4FaTherIts the Birds free cat by 4FaTher
String cloud -gathering by 4FaTherString cloud -dancing masses by 4FaTherRelease by 4FaTher- OmenChildOfLight - by 4FaTher
Ripples of a dream - water by 4FaTherRipples of a dream - fire by 4FaTherRipples of a dream -psycedelic by 4FaTher
CaLm gUarD _ fire by 4FaTher

Featured friends:

:iconmoonfishing: ~moonfishing~


:iconlilleflipp: ~lilleflipp~

seav by lilleflippaleksander by lilleflipp
fantasy by lilleflippsmiley by lilleflipp

member of:

Energy Artist by EnergyArtClub

All of the artwork in 4FaTher's gallery is copyrighted to:
-Lars Magnus Greger Lorvik                                   
-Si'No -design                                                       
-Bjørntjenester og Revestreker as                            

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Doomycaffei Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Student General Artist
Awww every one gets a tablet this summer >.<
I'm so eager to buy one myself!!! :iconnosebleedingplz:
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